Dr Gloria Garcia General Practitioner 

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Dr Gloria Garcia is a qualified Medical Physician. Dr Garcia graduated in Granada Medical School in 2007 and started her medical training in Internal Medicine in Puerto Real University Hospital, where she was awarded with being the best registrar amongst all the specialties.
Dr Garcia’s main field of interests is in Infectious Diseases and has specialized in HIV. She has a Masters in Infectious Diseases, held by Seville University and Diploma’s in HIV infections &Associated Diseases, Microbial Resistances and Optimization of Antibiotics. Dr Garcia is continuously doing international courses and attending worldwide congresses to keep abreast with all latest developments.
Dr Garcia currently works as a consultant in Spain and in Gibraltar Health Authority. Another important field she has focused is Cardiovascular Diseases and Metabolic Syndrome, having done plenty of research, which has led her in successfully earning her PhD, with honors, in February 2016. Furthermore, Dr Garcia did a postgraduate Master in Cardiovascular Disease of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, held by Barcelona University in 2012-13.
Dr Garcia is registered with the Colegio Medico Espana since 2008 and is as well registered with the Gibraltar Medical Board and General Medical council. She has also held annual UK appraisals since 2014.
As part of her training and daily practice, she is used to seeing patients with multiple comorbidities and treating them globally, having broad experience in heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and vascular insufficiency.

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As part of her Medical Practise Dr Garcia can help you in the following areas:

  • Acute ailments for patients of any age, including Paediatrics

  • Preventative care and Health Education

  • Corporative/Insurance Medicals.

  • Private Prescriptions

  • Blood Tests

  • Referrals

  • Woman's Health