At Ocean Medical Clinic, our unique Ballancer Pressotherapy machine uses 24 air capsule technology to massage your body from waist to toe. This massage treatment is 800 times stronger than a manual massage, which makes this the perfect treatment for lymphatic drainage, cellulite, inch loss and fat reduction treatments. It uses a controlled compression system which operates using inflating pumps, inside a specialist body suit. As the air is pumped through the individual air compartments, pressure is firmly applied to certain areas of the body to encourage the lymphatic flow. 

During the treatment our therapist will give you a pair of disposable trousers to wear within the body suit, which will improve your experience during the treatment. This treatment is not only used for medical purposes, it is also used for detoxifying the body, revitalisation and oxygenation of the tissue and definition, improving skin tone. It is also a very relaxing and deep tissue massage, for those patients suffering with restless legs or spend too much time on their feet due to their job.

The air capsules within our Pressotherapy treatment use a rhythmic pumping movement, which effectively reduces water retention and improvesvascular and lymphatic circulation. These pumps are designed to increase lymphatic flow and blood circulation from the ankles up to the abdomen. Pressotherapy enhances extra-cellular fluid clearance, reduces bloating, swelling and cellulite.


The lymphatic system plays a fundamental role in clearing immune debris from the tissues of the body. As we grow older more toxins are trapped and build up in our cells, body fluids become thicker and our constant renewal process slows down, so the body’s self-cleaning becomes more difficult. 

The benefits include:

  • Improvement to circulation and venous problems
  • Used for non-infected inflammatory conditions
  • Reduce bloating and swelling
  • Improve skin oxygenation
  • Improve skin tone and firmness
  • Shape the legs and reduce cellulite
  • For post-traumatic oedema of the extremities
  • Elimination of toxins and waste
  • Increase immunity
  • Reduce stress
  • Smoother skin
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Body Toning and Firming 

How does it work?

Pressotherapy involves a specially manufactured suit with many different compartments; pressured air is released into the suit to create a feeling similar to a manual massage. This type of lymphatic massage will eventually improve the circulation of body fluids and enhance the natural release of toxins from the body.

How often can I have Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a comfortable treatment that can be used weekly and is usually combined with many other fat reduction and cellulite reduction treatments for optimum results. We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments for optimum results.