Life Coaching

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Antonia Behan BSc Psy (Hons) MBPsS MICF ACC, is a fully qualified Transformational Coach and a member of the British Psychological Society and the International Coaching Federation. Antonia partners with her clients to support psychological wellbeing and the realisation of one’s greatest potential. She is experienced in facilitating the management of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, the cultivation of self-esteem, positive relationships, communication skills, improved behaviour and performance, and the discovery and development of meaningful life direction.

Since 2004, Antonia has provided transformational coaching sessions and workshops to individuals and businesses in the UK, Spain and Gibraltar. In 2013, this evolved into the realisation of one of her long-term objectives: to bring life skills, mindfulness and personal development coaching to schools. Today, Antonia works with adults, teenagers and families to support psychological well-being and positive living, and within businesses, she enjoys working with individual members of the team to facilitate personal growth. 



What is a life Coach

A life coach is a ‘change agent’, partnering with you to empower you to get the results you want, where you want. It is important to look for an accredited Life Coach with in-depth training. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is currently recognised as requiring the most intense training to gain certification. 

A qualified life coach is trained to support you in transforming the way you think and patterns of behaviour, they have a range of creative coaching skills, psychometric tests to help you identify your personality or behaviour type and draw on a wide range of psychological theories and models to facilitate individual and group transformation.

The key role of the coach is to listen to you and ask powerful questions that help expand and unlock your thinking, reveal your inner wisdom and facilitate you in developing the inner resources and solutions that enable you to move forward towards realising your objectives. 

How can a Life Coach support you

A life coach provides a space for you to reflect, review and challenge you, to identify what you want, who you want to become, where you want change and transformation and how to realise your greatest potential. She does this by partnering with you, supporting, encouraging, listening, hearing, reflecting, challenging and celebrating with you, as much or as little as you require, to support your success. 

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    Areas I work with

    I support adults and teenagers with:

    • Identifying Meaningful Purpose and New Direction
    • Anxiety and Stress Management
    • Managing Fear and Growing Love and Acceptance
    • Relationship Enhancement
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Communication Skills
    • Work Life Balance



    • Self-Management
    • Career Development
    • Behaviour Change
    • Building Success
    • Realising Potential
    • Creating a Deeper Sense of Inner Peace, Freedom and Happiness
    • Decision Making
    • Life Skills for Teenagers
    • Parent Coaching


    What you can expect in your first session

    The first session is a time to get to know each other, to identify areas you wish to work on in coaching and whether coaching is the appropriate method for you. Patients discuss their goals, and ask questions about coaching with me, to formulate an outline of how we will work, how we will measure progress and success and where to begin. 

    Area of specialty

    Facilitating the discovery of meaningful life purpose and empowering adults and teenagers to live the life they truly want as the person they truly want to become.  Supporting individuals in managing fear and anxiety and developing greater inner strength, love and peace are my greatest passions, and areas I have worked on in-depth, with others and myself for fifteen years. Supporting the cultivation of well being and prevention of mental health related issues for children, adolescents and families, is the focus of my Masters Degree in clinical psychology and the area in which I am developing my work.