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Dr. Kyriacos Ioannides

Dr Kyriacos Ioannides is a nationally renowned non-surgical specialist with over 11 years of aesthetic medicine and medical expertise.

When it comes to aesthetics treatments, experience and clinical judgment are critical factors in his success in achieving the desirable results. This is the hallmark of Dr. Ioannides' practice for the last decade.

Dr. Ioannides built his reputation by working in some of the top clinics in London and Ireland and as such he has developed a wealth of knowledge in the Aesthetic Market.

As an Aesthetic doctor, he can perform the ''perfect liquid fix'' where it was first devised in Brazil by renowned plastic surgeons. He also performs advanced botulinum toxin and dermal filler injectable procedures using the top products and techniques. He is also trained on a variety of skin conditions, collagen booster treatments, chemical peels, medically advanced lasers, microneedling, platelet rich plasma, hair loss, thread vein removal and mesotherapy.

Dr. Ioannides is of the keen belief that in order to recommend the perfect treatment best suited for each patient an in-depth skin analysis and thorough consultation needs to be performed. 

The result of a comprehensive facial analysis is that it blends medical science, the “engineering of the face’s underlying skin conditions and the natural beauty inherent in each face”. The level of expertise is reflected in every treatment that Dr. Ioannides performs.


''The better you look the better you feel! I am committed and devoted to work with you to achieve your desired results by means of professionalism, excellence and experience. I want all of you to feel that you are in good hands and help you discover your new, beautiful and confident YOU''

What is an Aesthetic Doctor?

Aesthetic doctors are specialists that focus on improving your cosmetic appearance. Your aesthetic doctor will offer you non-surgical procedures or treatments best suited for your area of concern. All treatments are performed under topical anaesthesia and he will aim to enhance or subtly modify your natural beauty, with careful considerations. 

At the Ocean Medical Clinic our aesthetic doctor, Dr. Kyriacos Ioannides offers a range of cosmetic treatments, that will treat various conditions such as wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, acne, rosacea, skin rejuvenation, collagen booster treatments, stretch marks, hair loss, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections. 

What can you expect during the first session?

We want to assure you that at Ocean Medical Clinic, the aesthetic team led by Dr Kyriacos Ioannides are dedicated to making you feel safe and also confident knowing that with all our procedures, the highest quality, most thoroughly researched products are used.

At your first visit, Dr Ioannides will start by discussing your main area of concerns and what the possible treatments are available that will address your concerns. Dr. Ioannides will take a detailed medical history and discuss all the risks, side effects and benefits of the treatment. An in-depth skin analysis will be undertaken along with before and after pictures. The relevant aftercare recommendations will also be made clear in the consultation; you helping you determine whether this form of treatment really is right for you.


Aesthetic Treatments


Additional Treatments


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